Since 1985 DC Type has partnered with printers, artists, the business community, labor organizations and non-profits producing a wide variety of printed materials, signage and web graphics. Unfortunately, there is no longer a demand for the type of services we have taken pride in providing for the print and publishing industries.

Reluctantly, we have decided it is time to hang up the green visor and pursue other interests. As of October 31, 2014, we will be available only to provide archive files of the jobs we have worked on in the past. If you need such files, please send an email to inbox@dctype.com. Specify the job(s) for which you need files (they are archived by docket number, the same number as the invoice originally used for billing).

It has been a pleasure taking this journey with you for the past 29 years.

Frank Brayton, President

Here are some wonderful shops that can continue to serve you in the years ahead.

Accurate Printing

Lithograph Reproductions, Inc.

Dolphin Graphics

Affiliated: Northern California Media Workers Union, Typographical Sector (Communications Workers of America)

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